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VW partners with LG to develop next-gen connectivity technology


Volkswagen is teaming up with technology giant LG to develop a connected car platform. The two companies aim to create new ‘smart home’ connected car technology and systems that allow features at the driver’s home – such as appliances, security and lighting – to be controlled from the car. This new technology will work alongside future infotainment systems.

VW and LG are also working on a ‘notification centre’ that, Volkswagen claims, will deliver messages “in an intuitive and safe manner”. The system will likely be a smartphone-connected system that allows the driver to access texts, emails and other messages in a way that doesn’t involve reading. It could possibly be an evolution of a system that was showcased by VW-owned Seat earlier this year, that can read the driver’s messages aloud; an ‘eyes-free’ smartphone use.

Lastly, VW and LG are developing location-based connected car services as well. Following the trend of live mapping, this involves sat-nav systems being updated to reflect hazards in the road and other changeable journey conditions. The system is considered a stepping stone towards autonomous vehicles.

BMW, Intel and Mobileye had recently made an announcement of joint development of autonomous technologies. VW and LG’s latest announcement marks the next step in VW’s journey towards autonomous tech.

With all these technologies earmarked to appear on VW’s crossover platform, it could be destined for a range of Volkswagen Group brands, rather than just a VW-badged car. Mid-sized SUVs from the VW Group, such as the Seat Ateca and Volkswagen Tiguan, have all but been ruled out for the tech’s debut because of their recent introduction and the imminent arrival of other VW Group SUVs in the international market. However, with Seat showing interest in the technologies, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the upcoming small Seat and VW SUVs were to feature the systems.

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